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CasualSoccerPodcast's podcast

Jun 29, 2018

Kayti and John review the highs and the lows of the group stag, and look ahead to the first round of knock out games. 

Who is Kayti pulling for, and what problems might that pose for her at work?

Which opinion is John least happy about having? 

Is this the best World Cup, or just the most dramatic?

Listen as we all take...

Jun 21, 2018

Join us as Kayti and John look back at some more days of crazy World Cup action.

Can they keep up with the relentless pace?

What fandom does Kayti compare soccer to?

When do John's dogs start barking?

Are there favorite teams? Favorite sporting cultures? Who should win? Can we decide on one, or are we relentlessly...

Jun 17, 2018

The World Cup is well under way and the only thing certain is how unexpected the results have been. Kayti and John are just as exhausted as an Icelandic goalkeeper, but solider on to deliver their verdict on the action so far.

What team has touched our hearts?

Who resembles a ballet dancer?

What would happen if Iceland...

Jun 15, 2018

Can two over-worked and over-committed fans start a podcast and keep it going? There's only one way to find out as Kayti and John talk about what brought them into soccer, and discuss their takes on the world events.

What's it like watching a World Cup without the US? Is it like watching Eurovision? Or is it like being...